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An alternative launcher for Android

Apex Launcher is an Android application replacing the stock launcher of your device and adding new options for customization and extra features to your smartphone. Apex enables additional modification of your phone screen as well as app organization within it. Moreover, it enhances your privacy by allowing you to hide certain apps.

An advanced launching application

One of the main benefits of Android OS is the breadth of its customization options. They become available to the end-user, thanks to launchers. The stock Android launcher is a highly functional tool, allowing you to personalize your home screen and app catalog.

Third-party launchers come into play when default ones get limited to the desires and possibilities of manufacturers and providers. Sometimes, users want more. That's where Apex Launcher comes in.

This app is capable of carrying through most of your requirements related to customization. It is an all-in-one tool for tailoring your phone's interface to your needs. Within the community, it's one of the most favored.

Besides allowing you to play around with the looks of your display, it can transform it, providing you with dozens of functionalities to use your device more efficiently. You may even hide your apps in plain sight in case other people tend to handle your phone.

Apex Launcher is safe, too, with the verification by built-in Google's malware protection, Play Protect.


The first and most prominent use of this launcher is for customization purposes. Apex Launcher themes and icon packs allow you to change the appearance of your display, and with the 3D transitions, it puts the cherry on top.

You get various new grid sizes for your apps, customizable icons, as well as labels for your shortcuts and folders. Among the modes, you'll also find the popular Apex Launcher black theme for a sleeker look.

As mentioned earlier, the application also brings the App Lock feature, enabling you to hide or lock apps on your phone. Lock your apps with patterns or passwords. These locks are available for your Messenger apps, gallery, and more. In the gallery itself, you can hide specific photos and videos.

The software further speeds up your searches with gesture functions like pinching, swiping, and double-tapping. You can make use of the infinite and elastic scrolling options on your home screen and drawers.

Once you choose your preferred settings, save them and the app automatically backs up your data.

Finally, this app fits the requirements of various phones and tablets, no matter the model.

How to use Apex Launcher

After the free download, launch the app, and it will greet you with a tutorial. Then, set this software as your default browser.

Once you do so, it enables you to personalize your device as it is convenient for you. For example, creating a folder requires you to long-press an icon and drag it over another. If you long-press labels and folders, it will open a pop-up menu, and you can customize it from here.

If you plan on using Apex for its lock functionality, you need to go to the Device Administrator and allow it to make changes to your phone first.

To access your hidden apps, go to app settings within Apex, and then visit Drawer settings. You'll find a folder called 'Hidden Apps' from where you can open them.

The pro version

The original Apex Launcher download is free of charge, but there's also the Pro version packed with extra features.

To enjoy the Pro version, the first thing you need to do is install the original app on your smartphone. The interface will then give you two affordable options - the three-month option, and the lifetime package that operates as long as you use the device.

The extras included in the pro variant are many. First off, the already abundant drawer customization options from the standard version are even more numerous once you pay.

You also get extra gesture options and transition effects for your interface, as well as gestures that work on your icons. The folder support sees a boost, and widget options grow in number. The Pro Launcher also shows you the count of your unread notifications.

Bugs and alternatives

The main issue with the Apex Launcher app is that it gets overwhelming at first. It offers so much in terms of customization and functionality that a new user might get too confused.

Moreover, as all similar apps do, Apex Launcher drains your battery. This issue is pretty common for third-party apps, so be ready and carry your charger around with you.

Finally, this app doesn't see frequent updates compared to its competitors. Version 4, which is the latest, also introduced so many changes that it left the users befuddled. Plus, it now includes advertisements from third-party providers, one of the most problematic changes.

Still, Apex is one of the favored launchers out there. That fact doesn't mean that there aren't alternatives available, though. Nova Launcher, for example, is highly customizable and works on Androids version 4 and higher.

Moreover, the Hola Launcher app allows you to enjoy a host of themes and dynamic phone features. Go Launcher Z is quite similar to Apex, so in this case, it's a matter of personal preference.

Great but requires some effort

Apex Launcher is all about giving you complete control over your screen and apps. It's great for people seeking to customize their displays and tailor them for their own needs. Add to it its flexibility and functionality, especially in privacy matters, and you get a launcher perfect for a more hardcore Android user.


  • Offers many customization options
  • Intuitive interface
  • Various themes available
  • Increased privacy


  • Not easy to learn
  • Slower than the stock launcher

Program available in other languages

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